Interior Design

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Pacific Environments is committed to spatial design excellence in creating inspiring, fit for purpose built environment solutions for our clients. Sustainability, lifestyle and the creation of enduring investment is core to our design philosophy.

This means creating ‘whole’ buildings from the inside out. Here is where our interior design team steps in. Interior design works hand in hand with architecture, with both disciplines playing a primary role in the design process. Engaging one of our interior designers at the beginning of your project along with our architects forms a complete package, the outcome of the interior and exterior environment results in a fully resolved and cohesive design.

Our interiors department work alongside our architects in a multi-disciplinary company culture that supports internal design dialogue. This means that for you, the client you have different specialist groups of people with the same goal but with slightly different perspectives. This is not to say that each of the disciplines does not consider the full picture but each does have a priority. Interiors are first and foremost concerned with all aspects of human use within the interior and architecture is primarily focused on the structural and external spaces. Each are continuously challenging the others ideas and reasoning’s, this is why we get a strengthened final product when both work in parallel, meeting or exceeding your needs and expectations without compromise.

Through this collaboration of complementary skills we see evidence of improved functionality, exceptional design both inside and out, cohesive overall aesthetics, sustainability and most importantly cost effectiveness.

Our interior design portfolio which you can view here, includes residential houses, retirement villages, schools, offices including our own, libraries, sports centres, cafes, restaurants and retail spaces.


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