Uptown Artwork


Have you spied what is on the big Khyber Pass reservoir in Uptown?

One of the largest outdoor mural’s in the country has just been unveiled and we are pretty proud to have been involved.

Commissioned and funded by the Uptown Business Association, the work “Magma” is the creation of renowned New Zealand artist Sara Hughes and depicts an abstract volcanic mural, which will transform a view seen by thousands of Aucklanders every day.
Ms Hughes says the work is a ‘volcanic scape’, abstract in form yet influenced by the history and geography of the area. The piece uses red, orange, pink, purple and yellow colours and is evocative of Auckland’s volcanic landscape.

“The real feature of the wall for me was its extremely rough surface, I have used this surface as a feature of the work applying sprayed paint to create many veiled layers of paint to build up a rich surface which can only be seen close up,” Hughes said.
Laila Harre, Chair of the Uptown Business Association, says it has been exciting to be involved in such an ambitious project.
“Creating a community focus and ‘heart’ and quality open public space is recognised as essential in any community, and that is something that the Uptown district, earmarked for intense residential growth in the coming years, sorely lacks. “Public art is a key part to creating that sense of community and we believe that “Magma” will become a real focal point, and talking point, for the area,” Ms Harre stated.
Key sponsors of the project were Resenes who supplied the paint for free along with support from local businesses Gow Langsford Gallery, O’Neils Personnel and Pacific Environment Architects. The Uptown Business Association also wishes to thank Watercare for their support and allowing them to use such a expansive canvass for the artwork.
An official celebration and unveiling of the plaque will be held within the next couple of weeks and a further communication will be sent out once details have been finalised. The artist Sara Hughes will be present.



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