An interview with the AMOT Architect – Tane

Continuing the series of interviewing our architects, but with a bit of a different angle, I manage to get Tane to sit still for a couple of mins while I asked him some questions about the recently finished and open to public, AMOT Pool.

So Tane, lets start with what the scope of the project – what was involved in bringing the vision into a reality? Pacific Environments NZ ltd became involved with the project about 2009 when we were asked to provide a Masterplan for the expansion of the Millennium Institute of Sport this included a new aquatic facility, from the masterplan the building evolved over several years into the National Aquatic Center which provides a FINA certified 50m training and competition pool for high performing athletes and the wider community as well as a 25x 10m learn to swim pool.

What is your favourite feature of the AMOT Pool? The height and volume of the pool Hall to allow the viewing angles from the spectator seating.

Did you have any particular inspiration source for the project? The most important aspect of the pool was ensuring that the pool met the international requirements of FINA for competition pools.

The big ‘bubble’ window is really cool. How did that come about? The bubble (ETFE) wall was inspired by waterfalls and dispersing patterns of the water.

Is there any really different pieces of technology or innovation used in the building? The pool water systems are used to achieve a very high level of filtration to give the greatest clarity to water which is very important for video analysis via the underwater window during training sessions.

And it has to be asked -how many tiles were used in the tiling of the pool? Far too many to count… the main pool has approx. 1500m2 of tiles, average bathroom would have about 35m2 so about 42 bathrooms worth of tile just in the main swimming pool.


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