Five Ways With Colour

The sun is out today but it has been a long, cold winter here in NZ – might be time for some added colour to brighten your home…(all of these images are taken from Pinterest and you will be able to find them here to click through to the original source)

Colourful 1

This one above is good for adding a bit of colour – and allows you to change it easily – without disrupting the whole room. Ideal if you are trying colour for the first time, are a little unsure, or renting.




Colourful 2

How fun are these yellow stairs and ceiling! A cool idea for new build projects where you get to create something new, or this idea could be adapted – paint your stairs a colour, or the walls around the stairs. One wall and the ceiling in the kitchen? What other ideas does this spark for you?





Colourful 3

Coloured tiles! Not only adds colour but adds texture and shine. You do need to be a bit more committed to your colour choice if going ahead with something like this, but look how fabulous this looks?

Colourful 4


What a stunning green ceiling! Effortlessly chic when combined with natural wooden flooring and white walls (or a soft grey wall?). Would particularly work with higher ceilings in our older style homes, but I imagine it would create a cosy space in a smaller room – bedroom or separate lounge – cuddle under the blankets and sit by the fire.

Matakana-House-PENZL-003BAlso a good idea for new builds, why not have colourful structural features? The same shade of red from the poles in this project was used throughout the house – doors, bench legs, little details. Looks fab!


Do you have a colourful project? We’d love to hear about it!



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