Continuing on the series, today I am introducing Caroline, one of our senior architects, and who is busy working away towards her registration.

Here is my quick convo with Caroline-

So Caroline, what are you working on at the moment? Where are you finding the inspiration for this project? Quite a few projects including Re-roofing at Birkenhead College, which is in the early stages of design  & Estuary Arts Centre extension  which has just started on site.  Both of these projects have enthusiastic end users who are really looking forward to the improvements these projects will bring to their buildings. I’m lucky enough to be working on quite a few projects that are all at different stages of the process which keeps it interesting.

What is your favorite building (or interior) and why? VPRO television studios in Hilversum, Holland by MVRdV. Such an exciting building that makes what is essentially an industrial space almost homely and illustrates how the office culture shapes the office environment & vice versa.

What is your favorite piece of design outside of Architecture? The Ikea cheese grater. So simple yet so much better than all the others!

Fav Object


And finally, what would be your dream project and why? A Maggie’s Centre – A really interesting series of projects that genuinely make a contribution towards improving someone’s life and give the opportunity for some interesting design.


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