Continuing on the series, I asked our architects a couple of questions to better introduce our team to you. Here is my quick chat with Miranda, senior architect.

Hey Miranda, how would you describe your signature style?  I’ve had others describe my style as “angled poles”, and “seeming randomness”.  I do like to experiment with different forms and shapes where it suits the brief and function.  There’s something fun about irregularity, variety and surprise.

Who/what inspires you and why?  Japanese architects.  I found seminars/lectures by Japanese architects are always worth going to and inspiring.  The most recent one I had been to is by Sou Fujimoto at the NZIA conference.  Another refreshing session of what architecture could be with the exploration of ideas.  Toyo Ito is an inspiration for me ever since my architectural study at univeristy as well.  Earlier this year, I got to visit the Taichung Opera House, designed by Ito, which was near completion.  An innovative and elegant building with its use of curved forms.

What is your favourite building or interior and why? The Auckland Art Gallery, the building is inviting and beautiful to look at both from the exterior and interior.  The intricate attention to detailing in the timber ceiling, lighting to the structural columns and carvings to the stair handrails, etc.  The transition from the new to the old is distinguished but at the same time complements each other well.  Definitely a building that Aucklanders can be very proud of.


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