Have you seen this article posted in the NZ Herald? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11420593

Its rather neat. The Herald has picked it up as a solution to New Zealand’s housing shortage, and we think mobile housing is a great way to offer people either a temporary housing solution (after a natural disaster for example) or a smaller and more cost effective house to live in.

How you could use your coodo units

How you could use your coodo units. Image taken from the coodo website  http://coodo.com/

It seems to work in a modular system, where you can go for the basic model – depending on your requirements, and add in extras as required – add on a bathroom and you have offices, add in the kitchen unit and you have cost effective housing, a holiday home, a ‘granny flat’ or guest house in the backyard. Add on the decking unit and you have all year round entertainment sorted.

Taking it one step further, what if you added solar panels and storage to the roof, composting facilities, water tanks, built up the vege gardens and chicken coops, and you’d have some self-sustaining, portable housing at a reasonable cost. Imagine what that would get you through?

Members of our Pacific Environments team are also interested in developing ideas around portable and temporary housing. It is our view that people also need to integrate with the surrounding community, especially whilst recovering from extreme stress and grief post a natural disaster. Therefore we believe the most effective way of housing people is to create “communities within communities” whereby people living in such homes are connected with others in the neighbourhood and feel “seen” and therefore supported and nurtured. A great building in our opinion should express not only great design and detailing, but healthy and happy environments to spend time in.

This should be the goal of every designer.

To find out more about the coodo model check out this link http://coodo.com/mobile-living-and-working-solutions/

coodo community Image taken from the coodo website

coodo community
Image taken from the coodo website  http://coodo.com/


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