April is our in-house Interior Designer, and has been a contributer to the Inspiration posts and recently the Design Day post. A couple of days ago I asked her a couple of questions which I hope give you an introduction and insight into what makes our Interior Designer click.

Current project interior design samples on April's desk.

Current project interior design samples on April’s desk.

Who/what inspires you and why?

It is hard to narrow inspiration down to only a couple of things/people. I think we are quite often inspired without realising it, I find travel and exploring new places, even when in no relation to design, can provote inspiration. One designer I admire is Isle Crawford, not only for her design work but her philosophies. Isle Crawford comes from a Scandinavian background, her approach to design is similar to the approach taken in Scandinavia – placing the human being at the centre of every design with a modern and emotional approach. “A fundamental part of designing a great building though, according to Crawford, is ensuring that the architecture and the interior are integrated from the beginning. “Inside buildings is where we live. It is the core of the building. However, very often in the current system the interiors happen as an afterthought. Ideally the predesign, the concept should address both. Systemically, because interiors are seen as the last layer, often when money and time have run out, they are thin and unconvincing.”

What is your favorite building or interior and why?

Again so many to choose from, some of my favorites would have to be the State Library of Victoria (heritage interiors), Sagrada Familia and every church and building in Italy. All are completely different to a style I would design in but I love them for their extremities, the history and processes behind them and the sense they evoke when you see and enter them.

What would be your dream project?

It would have to be to design my own house…isn’t that every designers dream?


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