Just stumbled across this article from the weekend about how well our kiwi gymnasts are doing and how they are enjoying their training at Tri Star gym.

We worked on the redevelopment of the existing Tri Star Gymnastic Club facilities to accommodate Regional Gym Sport competition.

There were very specific requirements, in addition to the District Plan, by the Auckland City Council for the siting of the proposed new facility. Prior to our engagement as architects to this project, the Council developed a concept plan for the redevelopment of Keith Hay Park which had been through the community consultation process and adopted by the Council. The plan form for a new development for Tri Star Gymnastics included on the concept was hypothetical in that there had been no consideration of a detailed brief for the new facility. Those restrictions, along with the size of the building to suit the client brief, have dictated the sitting of the building. Initially, the existing adjacent Scout Hall was to be retained which as a building is a real anomaly on the site. During the design process consultation between the Scouts, Auckland City Council and Tri Star have resulted in the Scout Hall being incorporated within the new Tri Star facility with the existing Scout Hall to be demolished.

Its a pretty neat building with the striking concrete pillar and red window treatments.



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