Cape Reinga Visitor Facilities

cape r (10)

The Cape Reinga Visitor Facilities was finished in 2009, and there was a little mention of it on yesterdays The Panel with Graham Bell and Gordon McLauchlan on National Radio. And it was a really nice little mention about how improved the area is up there for visitors. Yay!

You can hear the clip here:

With the Cape project it involved the relocation of visitor facilities and interpretation centre away from the te ara wairua (path of the spirits) to provide principal reception points for visitors to Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga). There was significant open space landscape regeneration and art integration referencing to historical and cultural content. Extensive consultation was requitred which was undertaken by Visitor Solutions. A holistic approach to sustainable design included significant open space landscape regeneration, robust low maintenance materials that will naturally weather in time, and full on site treatment of waste water. The buildings were all naturally lit and ventilated. And the design team successfully collaborated with renowned artist Carin Wilson, and integrated art work into the precast concrete walls with sensitive historical, cultural and environmental references.

So looking for something to do for the coming up Queens Birthday weekend? Why not a drive up north to check it out?




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