Semi Permanent 2014

Photo taken from cielpr Instagram

Photo taken from cielpr Instagram

This year was Semi Permanents 10th anniversary in Auckland, and April and I attended the event to get a bit of an inspiration refresh. I have been to Semi Permanent and other design events like this before, but it was a first for April, who is our Interior Designer.

So with our goodie bags in tow we took our seats and really enjoyed the 2 days! Its really great to get away from the things you do everyday and listen to how other creative work.

The line up was pretty impressive: Ian Wharton, Tiffany Bozic, Ashley Gilbertson, Augustin Teboul, Matt Willey, Golan Levin and Abbott Miller. Day 2 consisted of Niki Caro, Nat Cheshire, Daito Manabe, Framestore, M/M Paris and Mike Mizrahi. Te Radar was the host and was amazing! They should get him on as a speaker!

For me Ian Wharton was one of the best (day 1, speaker 1). I love how his presentation was on the process of how they work, not just a show and tell about what they have created. I scribbled lots of notes from Ian, but the main thing I took away was Play and Dare to Fail. Embrace the ridiculous, “why not”, ‘when we were children our daydreams are achievable…the youthful characteristics of always being astonished, be madly enthusiastic…get carried away’. He mentioned a great quote by Gareth Edwards “Creativity is just being stupid enough to not realize you can’t do something”, and one from Bradley Cooper “I just want to keep getting better and better and better and work harder. Theres literally no difference in my mindset from when I was a student –zero.” And one last thing that I will mention from Ian’s presentation that really struck a cord with me is about how a short film he made at uni had the biggest impact on his career, and it is because he was what he was most passionate about doing.

And can’t not mention Nat Cheshire’s most amazing presentation (day 2, speaker 2)

Everyone was blown away. Not only was his speech inspiring and thoughtful, but the projects hes worked on are so beautiful. Mixing old with new, rough textures with soft, “all new things are made from old things. Its an age of improvisation.” He spoke about wanting to make a difference in Auckland, seeking the extraordinary rather than the perfect and pursuing a vision for architecture and his city. Its quite refreshing to see someone who wants to make a difference to where they live already, rather than looking outside for something better. Make where you live better. Nat has worked on fitting out much of the new Britomart area and gets involved in the construction too from the sounds of it. Nats presentation made Semi Permanent. You can check it out here:



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