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So I thought I might introduce myself to you, and my little (?) project currently happening after hours. So I’m Sarah and I’m the companies graphic designer and marketing assistant. Basically I get to do all our social media things, manage our website, write these blogs, put together submissions for jobs, put together our portfolio, and anything else really. Its a pretty flexible role.

So my litte project ( I shoud stop calling it little) started about October last year when I found a empty site out in Papakura, and decided I might just move a cute little villa onto it. So I found my villa, got the plans drawn up (thanks to Rachel in the office) and on Monday 31 March, she (the house) was put on the back of a truck and driven from Howick to Papakura at 3am. The trucks backed her up onto the site at 5.30am and now are putting her back together again (even though its a little villa she still had to be cut down the hallway). She’s sitting proudly atop the site overlooking the neighbourhood. Its been a journey to get her there, and I like to think this will be her last resting spot as she started out in Thames -built about 1910, and in the 40’s was moved to Howick. So a very well travelled house!

Theres a couple of guys in the office who are doing houses up, renovating on weekends, which is really awesome to see and hear about. So while you might come to us with renovation projects or new houses to be designed and drawn up, our guys know exactly what you are going through!

However not everyone takes the route I’ve taken, so I thought I’d share some pics along the journey. I have to say, it was pretty awesome to see a house on the back of a truck, and the amazing things these trucks can do! Each set of wheels is controlled seperately, they fold up and down. The whole trailer (that the house is strapped to) rotates side to side (scary when thats your house ontop!).

So stay tuned. I’ve got colours to pick, a kitchen to tile (keeping the existing cabinets which are white, with wooden bench top and ceramic butlers sink #loveit) and an ensuite to build!


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