April is here!

And with it comes a range of changes at Pacific Environments NZ Ltd.

As of April 1 our Director John Rehm is now a Consulting Architect, stepping back from his post as Director and semi retiring. John has been with Pacific Environments for 48 years through its various name changes and office locations. And for 28 years he was operating as Director. That’s pretty awesome. John joined (what was Adams and Dodd Architects) in 1965, a couple of years after George joined. He started working on Ministry of Education projects – relocatable classrooms and new schools (amongst other design projects) and he still is! So while John has changed his job title I don’t think hes had enough of coming into the office and sharing his hunting stories just yet (for those that don’t know John, he is a very keen hunter).


And yesterday (as he never worked Fridays anyway) was Jeremy’s last official day in the office. Jeremy has been with us, enforcing the Critical Memo and required morning tea shouts (a duty now passed onto Paul. Paul’s un-official job title is now Captain CAD and Shout Police) since 2005 and 2014 finds him and his family moving down to Tauranga where he will be, what we are affectionally calling, House Husband. He will also be working remotely for us when his kids allow it, so its not like we can get rid of him that easily (like we’d even want to!)

Jeremys gone awol


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