Secret Project Update

Cardboard Light 001 Cardboard Light 002 Cardboard Light 003 Cardboard Light 004 Cardboard Light 005Some of you who have been into the office this year would have seen our growing, twisting cardboard ‘thing’ in the corner of our office. This ‘thing’, our secret project, is a light feature thought up in collaboration with a friend of mine, designer John Kaminski. John has worked a lot with cardboard especially when he was working abroad in China, and came back with a whole lot of enthusiasm for the amazing possibilities of cardboard.

Our light started out as some chats about how we could make a cloud, or something organic, back in our old office. A mini mockup was made and then we went into the real thing. The idea was to push design and create something to talk about.

So how does it work? What John has done is he has taken what is basically a ‘C’ shape, and had many, many, many, many of them (all exactly the same) laser cut out of box cardboard. Then he has worked out where to position them to create a shape that twists and turns. Its pretty fantastic. Its hard to describe. Hopefully the pictures give you an idea or intrigue you enough to stop by for a look.


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